Tasty treats to help keep you cool this Summer!

24 November 2017

As the weather keeps heating up, there’s no better way to cool down than enjoying some sweet, tasty popsicles. So, it is the perfect time to try out these icy recipes packed full of berry-goodness!

Blueberries and their antioxidant-rich juices help boost your health and wellbeing. This amazing superfood is low in sugar, high in essential phytonutrients and contain myrtillin and pterostilbene, which can lower excess blood sugar and reduce the risk of diabetes. They might be small, but these blueberries are almighty!

These quick and easy recipes are a healthy alternative to store-bought frozen popsicles. You will never need to feel guilty while enjoying these delicious Summery treats!


Blueberry & Yogurt Ice Pops

We believe blueberries and Greek yogurt are a match made in heaven. Packed full of essential vitamins and minerals (thanks to the blueberries), and a great source of calcium and protein from the Greek yogurt, you would be silly not to try out this tasty recipe!



Blueberry & Watermelon Ice Pops

Refreshing and nutritious, nothing will beat having these fruity ice pops on a hot summer’s day. The mouth-watering treats are sure to delight your tastebuds!



Blueberry, Cardamom & Rose Popsicles

With a sweet combination of rosewater, coconut cream, cardamom and blueberries, this super-easy homemade recipe will refresh your palate and have you asking for more!



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